Notes from Others


Payton Meyer,    UX Designer @ Nickelodeon

Payton Meyer, UX Designer @ Nickelodeon


"Xyla’s unswerving leadership and razor-sharp intellect made working for her at Nickelodeon a joy and an inspiration. While on her design team, Xyla made me feel empowered to take ownership over projects and safe to be creative. She pushed me to deepen my understanding of our users and justify design decisions with usability testing and research. Xyla inspired the UXD team to believe in our ability to make a difference, set a compelling direction, and courageously took on issues in pursuit of her vision."

On Creativity

"Xyla’s boundless creativity and problem solving skills made working sessions exciting and productive. Her process is transparent, concise, and thoughtful. She has an endless supply of out-of-box solutions while maintaining a laser-focus on satisfying user goals. She truly gives her all to every project - relentlessly pushing the technical and creative boundaries all while keeping the user at the forefront of every decision."

On Results

"Xyla oversaw the redesign of the Noggin app which involved implementing Play Along videos as a brand new content type. Many complex problems had to be solved under the constraints of an aggressive product timeline and limited budget. Xyla led the UX team through a successful launch and the redesigned app has had a positive impact on the Noggin business in terms of revenue and engagement."

On Impact

"Xyla is a visionary and natural leader. I am honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. She embodies the gold standard in professionalism with unparalleled creative talent. She has a strong yet laid back personal presence, combining natural authority with an ability to connect and empathize with others. Xyla will be an integral part of any design team she is on in the future."
Willy Lai,  Chief Design Officer, UX at Haggleland, ex Apple, Samsung, PayPal | UX Workshops, Coach, & Speaker

Willy Lai, Chief Design Officer, UX at Haggleland, ex Apple, Samsung, PayPal | UX Workshops, Coach, & Speaker


"Xyla is a smart, talented, and highly effective design leader. During the UX design workshop I taught for her Nickelodeon group at Viacom, Xyla demonstrated a combination of strong strategic, design, and leadership skills. She brought a proactive, focused, and solution-oriented approach to projects. She tackled every challenge head-on and wore multiple hats to ensure team success. With every project, she united her team around a common goal, and effectively delegated tasks while applying her expertise across a number of assignments. At the end of the workshop, she and her team delivered a very compelling presentation which showcased many creative and innovative designs and product ideas that were very well received by the stakeholders and other workshop participants. It was a pleasure working with Xyla, and I look forward to another opportunity to work with her again in the future!"


"During the workshop I taught for Viacom's Nickelodeon group during the summer of 2017, I witnessed Xyla multiple talents and abilities at work, and was thoroughly impressed. When I gave her team a workshop assignment under very tight timelines, I noticed as soon as the team began struggling, Xyla took the initiative and began focusing the team around activities that would produce a successful outcome for the deadline. She effectively heard her team's concerns, delegated tasks, and she herself pitched in, wearing multiple hats. At the end of the workshop, when her team presented their designs, they delivered a very compelling presentation which showcased many innovative designs and product ideas."
Caitlin Hodson,    Staff Writer @ Nickelodeon

Caitlin Hodson, Staff Writer @ Nickelodeon

On Strategy

"Some people only understand their own role in a company, but Xyla is someone who understands the big picture of brand building, at Nickelodeon and beyond. When I was writing interactive videos for the Noggin app and talked to Xyla about it, she had amazing insight into how the user experience of the app would build trust with parents, delight kids, and essentially establish the Noggin brand. She also understood how other companies were doing this and not just children's media companies. Xyla does constant research, so that she is always on top of the latest changes in a constantly changing market. I think it should also be mentioned that she is a delightful human being, who inspires everyone around her."
Soozee Nguyen,  Chef/Owner @ The Wild Chive

Soozee Nguyen, Chef/Owner @ The Wild Chive

ON building a new business

"Xyla is a true visionary, a total powerhouse. You can rely on her to think outside the box and her approach is always so thoughtful, balanced, and refined. I own a vegan restaurant pop up business and she has really taken it to another level. Xyla is solely responsible for my brand identity, the marketing/social approach we've taken to get it recognized and build a following, and she continues to own all creative strategy along the way. I am continuously amazed by her strategic thinking and the life it breathes into my business."
Melissa Venditti  Producer/Editor - Creative Promotions @ Nickelodeon

Melissa Venditti Producer/Editor - Creative Promotions @ Nickelodeon

On Collaboration

"Xyla has always been incredibly creative and dedicated. I have known her since her early days as a designer and from the beginning, Xyla had the skill and artistic ability to bring any of our visions to life. Brainstorming and creative conversations with Xyla are more fun than work as she brings an easy going energy that allows for ideas to flow more freely. Xyla is one of the best colleagues I have had the pleasure to work with over the course of my career and any team would be lucky to have her."
Elisa Kim,    Senior Manager @ Nickelodeon

Elisa Kim, Senior Manager @ Nickelodeon

On Leadership

"Xyla leads with respect. Her biggest strength is her ability to mold and aid her team by fostering an open and inviting environment. And because of her unique leadership approach where she not only invites but values everyone's input, she cultivates a creative haven for her team to do their best work."

On Creativity

"Xyla’s even keeled energy serves as an anchor for her team and the people she works with. She’s a ball of creativity, positivity, inspiration and it is infectious! Every meeting, interaction and conversation with Xyla always left me bursting with new ideas, and often in stitches from laughing and having way too much fun in a meeting."

On Results

"Xyla's thoughtful approach to problem solving is refreshing and always a positive reminder why I adored working with her! We've worked on big events like Kids' Choice Awards, launched countless apps and we've been through complete rehauls and redesigns of the site and it has been nothing but smiles from Xyla and her team. Her attention to detail ensured all products met company goals but always kept users in mind to ensure a smart and seamless experience."